Where To Shower When Camping? [6 Best Places]

Camping is incomplete without a proper shower, but where do you go to find one? Packing up your gear every day on top of leaving the campsite can be a chore.

Not to mention, campsites may not have a shower at all. No need to worry! Here are the best places to find a refreshing shower while camping:


6 Places To Shower When Camping

1. Beach Showers

Beaches are wonderful places for camping. The sand is soft, the ocean is a great place to cool off, and you can walk for miles along the shore. However, beaches are known for their showers. Many people will flock to beaches during hot seasons.

In order to increase revenues and decrease linen costs, many beach campsites will have a shower station available free of charge or charge very little money compared to other public showers.

2. Rest areas

These are another great place to shower. Rest areas will usually have stalls that can fit two people and are open air. Some rest areas provide showers payable through the use of an electronic card system.

3. Parks

Parks will often have places to wash off after walking around. Usually, these places are covered but can be open-air as well.

Parks are a great place to camp for the environment and the wildlife as well. You can bring a bike or grill if you like, but most parks have camping areas too.

4. Campgrounds

These are the best places to shower. Campgrounds usually have a central shower building, with multiple stalls. You will pay more to camp at a campground than you will at a beach or rest area, but you will have showers available 24/7.

Camping grounds often provide such things as bike rental and food facilities. Plus, since they are privately owned, the owners can provide private showers for a small fee (usually only at a high-traffic time of year).

A perfect place to go if you’re looking to get clean, but don’t want to move your camp every day!

5. National Parks

Many national parks have showers that are open 24 hours a day. They are free, and they can be located in the visitor center or in a nearby building. You will have access to the park’s parking areas as well as other facilities.

These parks vary greatly in size, so some may not be easily accessible for camping, but most are great places for camping within a short driving distance.

Some of these parks have a lot of wildlife, making for great hiking trails. Plus, they’re a great way to get some much-needed exercise.

6. Truck Stops

Truck stops are great places to look for showers. They usually have several stalls and are open 24 hours a day. You will, however, have to pay a small fee at most truck stops. Truck stops are a great place to get some food, a little rest, and freshen up!

In Conclusion

Camping is incomplete without a proper shower. However, for some camping habits, showers might be hard to find. That’s why this article has provided the best places to find a refreshing shower while camping.

From beach showers with restrooms only feet away to rest areas with coin-operated showers, there are many places that one can go in order to get clean after a long day of activity.

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