What To Wear To A Camping Wedding At A Campground? How To Decide?

Campground weddings are becoming more popular as we have more camp lovers choosing to have their ceremonies on different campgrounds, especially in the summer. 

If you have been invited to a campground wedding, you might be wondering what to wear. After all, although a campground is technically the outdoors, it isn’t the same as a reception venue.

You’ll have to worry about trees, branches, camping tents, and other peculiarities of a campground.

You don’t want to be underdressed for a campground wedding, but you also don’t want to go all decked up in a suit or a long dress and be totally out of place.

So, what’s the appropriate dressing for a campground wedding? Let’s find out!

What To Wear to A Wedding at A Campground?

Below listed are the few key factors to consider when dressing for a campground wedding, including weather, mobility, comfort, and the given dress code.

1. Weather and Comfort

what to wear to a wedding at campground considering Weather and Comfort

Is it a summer, fall, or winter wedding? 

Most times, campground weddings happen in the summer, so light-colored clothes in breathable fabrics are great options for the warm weather.

For ladies, short or mid-length floral dresses are a great choice.

Avoid long and sweeping gowns because the floor won’t be smooth or clean for that matter. You don’t want your dress to get caught in things.

For men, a cotton or other comfortable shirt with casual trousers like a pair of chinos is perfect for a summer wedding at a campground. 

If it’s a winter wedding, which is most unlikely, sweater tops should replace their lighter counterparts. You should also be looking at boots over sandals and flats.

For both males and females, clothes made of cotton or silk are best. Try to avoid nylon and polyester because they will leave you with sweltering heat. 

Men can also wear linen in light colors, lose the tie, and look simple but sophisticated. 

Whatever the case, don’t forget that it’s a wedding, so you must look at least semi-formal unless the wedding invitation states otherwise.

2. Shoes and Mobility

2. Consider suitable Shoes for Mobility to wear to a wedding at campsite

As we stated earlier, females will want to avoid skirts and gowns that are too long, both for weather concerns and because they can get caught in anything from tree trunks to plants, pines, and tent hooks.

Beyond the length of your dress, you need to ensure that the shoes you choose are comfortable, considering the campground’s flooring.

You wouldn’t want to be stumbling around in heels and kicking up everything that comes your way, or worse still, have to go around barefooted because you can’t move about in your footwear.

While female guests can dump the feels and opt for sandals and dressy flats, male guests can go for comfortable pair of loafers or espadrilles. Females can also risk shoes with small wedges for added elevation alongside stability.

3. Sun protection and shade

sun protection and shade to wear to a wedding at the campground

Will there be sufficient shade at the wedding venue or are you at the mercy of the sun?

When heading outdoors for a camping wedding, you need to consider sun exposure. If it’ll be sunny, then a hat and shades will be good additions to your wedding attire.

You also want to get sunscreen and UV protection cream on your skin to avoid sunburn.

Will you need insect repellant? That will depend on the nature of the camping destination, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. After all, you wouldn’t want to go through that discomfort or get allergic reactions from insects when you should be celebrating. 

Although it might be sunny, the breeze is almost certainly going to be present, so you should bring a shawl, a jacket or cardigan along for extra protection from the breeze and cold.

4. What does the couple want?

What does your campground wedding invitation say about the dress code for the wedding? The couple must have considered the location when deciding on their dress code so following their guide will help you decide on what’s best to wear.

Most wedding invitations will likely specify semi-formal attire, with a few couples opting for a casual dress code. 

One thing we can be certain about is that it won’t be a black-tie event, so you most likely won’t have to pull all the stops, and get the suit and tie.

However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll show up in distressed jeans, polo, or tracksuits. A wedding is still a wedding, even on a campground.

So, asking the couple what their idea of the perfect outfit is, can help you choose. 

5. What is too casual?

If a couple says a casual outfit is fine, does that mean you can show up in jeans and polo? How casual is too casual for a campground wedding?

Plain jeans might be okay when paired with the right shirt, but ripped jeans are a no-no. If you’re told that jeans are okay for the wedding, then the next thing is to choose a pair of blue or black jeans and wear them with a button-down shirt.

Men can also wear a pair of chinos, collared shirts, and loafers. Female guests can choose to wear pants, although skirts and dresses are more the norm.

A cute blouse will elevate a pair of pants. Add wedges to the mix and you have a semi-casual attire.

There are a lot more pairings you can make when dressing for a campground wedding. We’ll talk about them soon.

6. Camping activities, or not?

Some campsite weddings bring the camping experience to life, either in the reception ceremony or the wedding itself.

For instance, you might need to hike to the campsite, which means your clothes and footwear should be comfortable enough to hike in. You can also choose to go in hiking clothes and change into your wedding attire when you reach the destination.

Find out from the couple or wedding planners what kinds of activities you’ll need to engage in because that’ll help you dress appropriately. For instance, if the reception activity involves boating or hiking, you need to have the appropriate clothes. 

Recommended Clothes to Wear to A Camping Wedding

1. Dress

Recommended dress to wear to a camping wedding

As far as dresses go, the recommended dresses for a camping wedding are sundresses, especially midi-length dresses.

The best materials are cotton and silk because they are breathable and comfortable, especially because a camping wedding almost always happens when it’s sunny.

A casual dress is a perfect fit for a casual wedding, but if it is tilting towards formal wear, then you can go all out and get a dressy gown, provided it isn’t too long to get caught in just about everything.

2. Trouser/Skirt

Trousers and skirts for a camping wedding

Male and female guests can wear trousers for a camping wedding, provided the trouser looks semi-formal and decent. 

Plain jean pants, khaki pants, chinos, and other hiking pants alongside a button-down shirt are perfect for male guests at a camping wedding.

Smart casual for men would be khakis and button-downs sans the tie and blazer unless the invite says formal, and then you can throw in a blazer.

Women can wear jeans trousers and layered shirts or bright colored blouses. They look semi-formal and are comfortable as well. With the right shoes, your attire is all set.

Ladies can also go in jumpsuits. They are the perfect balance between casual and dressy, and they are also comfortable for any camping activity.

You can also show up in skirts, provided they are comfortable for you. Midi-length skirts are great for formal or semi-formal dress codes, just as midi or miniskirts are great for a more casual wedding.

Airy and bold floral skirts are always perfect because they’re comfortable, breathable, and deliver the summer vibe.

3. Shirt/ Blouse

Wear shirts or a blouse to a camping wedding

As far as shirts go, collared shirts, button-down shirts, and sports jackets are perfect for men.

Vests are also great, especially when it is a semi-formal dress code. 

As for women, flowery summer blouses are perfect to go with either jean trousers or the chosen skirts.

Chiffon, lace, cotton, or silk with ruffles, flowers, puffs, or bright-colored designs will be perfect for the season and the wedding theme.

4. Footwear 

footwear to wear to a wedding at campground

For women, flats, chunky heels, and wedges are great because they are comfortable and can help navigate the potentially uneven and unstable ground, and not get you into accidents caused by missteps.

As for men, Espadrilles and loafers are perfectly comfortable for campground weddings because dress shoes will be too formal or fancy, especially considering the nature of the ground. 

Dressy sandals can work for both male and female campers.

Final Words:

Now you don’t have to be confused when invited to a campground wedding because you know what to wear. Remember that the dress code to follow is always semi-formal or casual. 

Always inquire from the couple so that you dress according to their wedding theme or dress code.

If that isn’t possible, remember to dress for the weather, choose breathable and light-colored shirts and dresses, comfortable shoes, and all the necessary accessories.

Campground weddings can be fun, and when you dress the part, you’re certain to enjoy them more.

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