What To Eat When Camping Without A Fire? [No-Cook Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner]

Outdoor activities are one of the great escape for people who want peace of mind and to relax. This is a way to forget everything that I always do daily. It is quite fun to camp when I am surrounded by nature and the people I love.

Yet, camping is not that so easy, especially when I have to consider the food and things I needed to bring.


I will share here the list of my foods when I go camping. This is not the boring sandwiches or cold cereals. You can still have healthy, tasty, and fun food without fire.

5 No-cook Breakfast Ideas for Camping

I always jump-start my day with foods that can make me full. It seems that doughnut is fun food for camping, but an hour later, it makes you hungry again.

It is best to have a breakfast of protein foods ((such as yogurt, boiled eggs, milk, or beans) paired with different carbohydrates (such as beans, whole-grain pieces of bread, or oats) that can fuel a morning adventure.

1. Bean Toast Bites

Many years ago, the Brits were already having their toast with cold beans. I always open a can my favorite baked beans with a French bread that is perfectly crusty

2. Overnight Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great food when you don’t want a lot of carbohydrates, especially when you are going on a diet. This food is also great for camping too. You can grab your mason jar and make a lot of these before you left your home.

3. Boiled Egg on a Breakfast Sandwich

Some people love fried eggs on their sandwiches yet. A boiled egg is still good, too, and you can already cook eggs before going to your camp. Then you just need to grab your favorite croissant and add some cheese or ham.

4. Granola with Milk

If you don’t have cold storage for your drinks or there is not much space on it. You have to get the boxed milk. This is easy as you no longer need to think of space for your milk. You can just put other drinks that are needed to be cold instead.

5. Yogurt Parfaits

I always have my favorite on-the-go flavored yogurt. Some like their yogurt, plain. I love to have mine layered with chia seeds, chopped nuts, fresh fruit, or muesli. This is a quick breakfast that is good for the heart.

10 Easy No Cook Lunches for Camping

Whether you are hiking on the most exciting trail, fishing out, or just hanging around near your camp, you still need to have a break during your lunch.

You can serve your family or friends the original recipe or opt to combine and make something delicious and memorable meal.

1. Jerky

This is a convenient camp food that you can just buy in a store. But if you want to make your own, you can follow recipes available on the internet and follow your taste.

2. Stacked Crackers

Crackers are not just for your snack, though. This is also a great food to serve for your lunch just add or put some creamy peanut butter or cheese or sliced salami. This is a quick bite for your lunch.

3. Sandwich wraps

A sandwich is just easy to make. Within a few steps, you have your sandwich. I like mine having lots of veggies and eggs.

Some like their sandwich to have a cold tortilla and their favorite spread. There are lots of toppings for sandwiches too, like cold cuts, cucumber slices, and shredded lettuce

4. Tomato, Lettuce, and Bacon Sandwiches

You can cook the bacon before you left for camping. Cold bacon is still delicious to add to your sandwich

5. Egg, Chicken, or Tuna Salad Sandwiches

I usually combined my mayo with protein such as chicken, egg, or tuna. However, it can quickly get spoiled. So, what I did is to make it cold until lunchtime.

6. Veggie and Hummus Sticks

You can already buy made hummus at the store, yet it is still great to make your own. This requires effort, though. But it is worthwhile for your friends and family. You can look for the best recipes on the internet and try to do it

7. Peanut Butter, Jelly or Honey Sandwiches

These are just a few of the common spreads that go for your sandwich. This is an easy-made lunch that suits your diet. Just ask your friends or family about their favorite spread of sandwiches. You can pair it with some lemon or other fruit juices

8. Peanut Butter Sandwich with Apple Slices

This is quite unfamiliar to some, apple with peanut butter is just a weird combination. But it’s no. This has a great taste that can be liked by your friends or family. Put some slices of apples on your sandwich and top it with peanut butter

9. Granola Trail Mix or Nutty Berry Trail

This is a fun add-on for your lunch, or it can be served between meals. These mixed recipes are an awesome dessert for your loved ones.

10. Layered Fresh Fruit Salad

This great salad is full of nutrients and healthy for your body too. I bet you should make this.

No-Cook Camp Dinner Ideas

Mostly the dinner that I served my friends and family when we go camping is usually a make-ahead or any food that I can just buy at the convenience store such as salads in a bag, canned foods, or rotisserie chicken.

One of our family favorites is having a bowl of spiralized pasta salads or veggie salads.

Taco Bowl

You can make your taco meat or just make it meatless. You can make a layered salad or just let your family make it on their own. Add some guacamole, shredded cheese, olives, beans, corn chips, chopped tomatoes, and salsa.

Just top the salad with some dressing. Slightly squeeze it with olive oil or stir taco seasoning or lime that is best for ranch dressing.

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