What To Bring Camping With A 2 Year Old

Camping is fun when your family is complete. It is like a day of having time to bond together. The time to spend together without thinking about the negativities and problems in life.

With your family at the camp, it’s like you are holding your world, and you don’t want to end it. Yet, most campers’ problems are how they can camp with a 2-year-old. So, here is the list of the things that you need to prepare if you truly want to bring your kid.

13 Things To Bring Camping With A 2 Year Old

1. Mosquito Repellent

You may think that it might get taken by your child. But there is available mosquito repellent that is a diet-free variety designed and made for your baby.

2. Bassinet or Travel bed

This is good for your baby or child when you camp in colder regions. You can make a tent inside your tent. Look for the highly recommended travel beds at different stores and buy the best and most suitable for your family.

3. Wearable light or Hands-free headlamp

This is a good thing if you want to sleep with light. This will help you to walk in the dark while holding your kid without any issues.

4. Glow necklaces, bracelets, or sticks

This good thing helps you to have a nightlight at night. You can also put it around your child, so you can easily look for them even though there is no light. Just make sure to have this for your baby or child because they might get out of the tent without you noticing.

They might get into the forest or around near your tent, so make sure that you have this thing on them so you can easily find them.

5. Easy-prep meal

It is the most important thing you need to bring. As you never know, when the weather will change at your campsite. You might have woods for you to cook, but what if rain rules out.

The woods may get wet, so it is important to have an easy-prep meal such as cereal, bagels, extra sandwich fixings, or pre-cooked pasta.

6. Camp Kitchen Kit

You must only bring bowls, cups, and spoons enough for the members of your family. Just ENOUGH, you don’t need to bring the whole kitchen wares you have. Bring the most needed ones so it won’t be hard for you to carry it.

7. Thermos

This is essential, especially when your child or baby is still drinking milk on a bottle. Make sure that your thermos has enough hot water that is enough for your early morning and midnight feeding. 

Milk is important for your baby or child to help them be healthy and grow better. So do not forget to give your baby the milk they deserved.

8. Pop-up sun tent

This one is best when you want to camp near the lake or if you opt for a tent for entertainment. This gives you enough light even though you are inside your tent.

9. Anti-itch cream

This is a great thing for your kid in case they got some rashes or bug bites. Make sure that you have this one, especially when you choose to camp near the forest or lake. It is better to have an ointment for your baby.

You don’t want them to get any mosquito bites after your camp. There are different kinds of anti-itch cream that you can find on the market today. You just need to look for the one suitable for your baby.

10. Swim diapers and swimsuits

If you plan to camp near a beach or lake, probably, you also want to go swimming. It is needed to bring a swim diaper for your baby and swimsuits for the whole family. This way you are more comfortable while you are swimming or diving in the sea or lake.

11. Bughouse or butterfly net

Children or toddlers always want to see or at least catch a butterfly. This way they can learn a lot of things about it. They can see how a butterfly looks beautiful in the nearest view.

But also, you need to teach them that they also need to fly it away or back where it has been. Teach them that they have a life too and their importance on wildlife.

12. Sand toys, garden tools, or toy dump trucks

We know that children always want to play all day long until they get tired. Bringing their toys is a great way to entertain them while you are also enjoying yourself.

If you camp on a beach does not forget to bring sand toys, your child can play and create sandcastles, or you can also teach them. It is not just a bonding; it is also your time to teach them so many things.

You can teach them how to grow plants or do some gardening. Always bring their favorite toy as they tend to miss them sometimes.

You don’t want them to cry at your camp, so it’s better to allow them to play with their favorite toys. Always remember that your child is on the stage of exploration. You need to allow them to do things but also with your guidance.

13. Water reservoir

This is a must thing that you need to have. Bring a water reservoir to refill it when you have no water anymore. You must bring your water, so you are sure that it is clean and good to drink from your child.

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