What is the Best Thing to Sleep on While Camping?

For many new campers, getting the best sleep is such real pain. You tend to turn and toss every time. Aside from the tent itself and the place where you set up your tent, it is what you sleep on that can make your night highly pleasing or a full nightmare.

You have several options when it comes to choosing the right sleeping gear, and we will discuss each below. After reading this content, we wish you finally achieve a day or two in the woods feeling well-rested!

Best Sleeping Gears for Camping

1. Sleeping Bag

Is comfort not entirely an issue? Then, a sleeping bag might be what you need. Pick one with a temperature rating and style applicable to your destination. There are two types available:

  • Backpacking bag: Mummy-shaped usually lightweight and is carved for a warmer, closer fit
  • Car camping bag: Cut wider providing more roll-around space yet less proficient for maintaining body heat

There’s a rectangular, semi-rectangular, and double bag, with a rectangular design as one of the sought-after as it offers abundant room to tip over and stretch out. Kid-sized sleeping bags are available too, which are smaller, shorter, and cheaper variations.

Cotton, as well as semi-cotton and semi-feather, are some sleeping bag materials you can find. The latter is perfect for extreme cold.

2. Sleeping Pad

The three types of the sleeping pad are:

  • Self-inflating pad: Provides a blend of open-cell foam lining and air; relatively compact and comfortable
  • Air pad: Lightweight, comfortable and compact; some brands feature reflective and/or insulation materials to improve warmth
  • Closed-cell foam pad: Made of thick foam stuffed with small closed air cells; durable, lightweight, and delivers consistent insulation no matter what the condition is

For backpacking, an extremely lightweight closed-cell or air pad could be an ideal choice, while car campers may opt for a wider, thicker pad for enough comfort.

Also, the pad comes in different levels of thickness (thinner means easier transport, denser means softer). Put it underneath the sleeping bag to help level out the floor; hence, giving you a posher sleeping surface.

Otherwise, pair it up with your camping cot or air mattress or anything that fancies you. Those living in colder climates can use an air-only pad along with a foam pad for added comfort.

3. Sleeping Mat

Probably the most popular form of sleeping gear. It offers warmth (insulation) and comfort for a night of better sleep. It is known as the sleeping pad’s foam version with a bit resemblance to yoga mats. It is somewhat wider and has the same length too.

When finding a sleeping mat, select one with appropriate thickness according to your comfort needs.

While thicker variations are generally comfortable, they can take up more weight and space. Setting on the ground and packing it would not kill much of your time. Simply roll it up. Plus, you won’t have to worry about seeps or ruptures.

4. Air Mattress

If you want to save yourself from the ground’s lumps and bumps and achieve a very comfy sleep, the air mattress is such a good pick. It could be a quilt, foam pad, or just exploiting a fatter sleeping bag.

This type of mattress keeps the body off the ground while giving cushion and support. Some models are easy to get into and light to haul.

Get a double mattress for maximum comfort. It’s impossible to inflate it through your mouth, but a good hand pump will do the work. Electric air pumps are accessible to use too. Simply plug it into the outlet.

5. Hammock

If we’re going to talk about ease of setup, comfortable sleep, versatility, and lightweight, a hammock never disappoints. It can even be a good back pain relief, saves space, and is cheaper than other forms of sleeping systems, like mattresses.

No, it shouldn’t be webbed, big rope hammocks you usually see on most backyard lounging. Camping hammocks are generally a slim parachute style that gives essential force to hold your body off the surface.

Since it offers no insulation, it’s only best to use during hot weather. A hammock is not for everyone. We find it comfortable, yet after just a few minutes of sleeping on it, our heads won’t stop swirling.

6. Cot

Also called a camping bed, a cot is light and transportable that features a wood frame or foldable metal along with a canvas, nylon, linen, or polyester covering to sleep on.

In case you’re in the market for a good camping cot, be sure the frames are robust, easily foldable, lightweight, and resilient to rust. Most come in aluminum frames designed with an X or U shape.

Canvas material must also be durable, plus the cot itself should have a comfortable fabric, comfortable, expansive, and readily washable.

One excellent benefit of the cot is that it will protect you from crawling creatures and critters. While the cot itself is already comfortable, you can top up a mattress depending on the degree of comfort you want to achieve.

7. Pillow

And of course, don’t forget your favorite pillow! Another must-have item to guarantee better sleep while in the wood. Either get a small inflatable camp or foam pillow or just bring one from home.

There’s memory foam, standard padding, blowup, and down pillow. Try a few to know which will work for your sleeping needs. Top it with a quality pillowcase made from silk, nylon, merino wool, or polyester for extra comfort.

So, What is the Best Camping Sleeping Gear for You?

We can say it is the best sleeping system if it fits well with your camping requirements (e.g., amount of space, comfort level) and is within your budget.

If you’re tight on budget and will only need one for a day or two, standard airbeds or air mattresses are ideal. But if you want great quality gear, switching to mattresses or sleeping pads is good.

Hammocks and sleeping mats are perfect if budget is your priority. Although, you can have any of these sleeping systems without breaking the bank.

It’s just a matter of conducting thorough research or getting some recommendations. Whichever you choose, consider adding insulation to ensure peak comfort.

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