Top 6 Best Camping Pocket Knife Brands

A camping pocket knife is the best tool to have along with you for any wilderness experience. Generally, you should choose a knife with a lock-back blade so that when in use, one end of the blade stays open, while the other closes against the handle.

This easy-to-use design is perfect for cutting food or carving an animal board while camping.

But what are some good brands?


Top 6 Camping Pocket Knife Brands To Consider

Although there may be dozens of pocket knife brands to choose from, you should make your decision based on the quality of the materials used to craft the knife and what type of blade it has.

A good pocket knife should be made with high carbon steel or corrosion-resistant metal alloy. A stainless steel blade is a great addition, but carbon steel blades are known for being strong and flexible.

1. Kershaw

This knife is known for its reliable and long-lasting blades. The best thing about this brand is that it has versatile blades that can be used in any situation.

Its lock-back construction ensures safety while in use. Kershaw has a reputation for using high-quality materials, which makes this knife a great choice for many people who prefer a smaller size.


KA-BAR is a well-known knife company that offers many different products to the public.

Their speed-safe knives are a great choice for anyone who loves to be outdoors and wants a reliable knife. If your goal is to cut anything whether it’s wood or meat, then this is the best knife for you.

3. Ontario Knife Company

If you’re looking for a pocket knife that can handle tough jobs, then Ontario Knife Company will offer the right tools.

This company makes not only hunting knives but also pocket and utility knives that can provide amazing results in any situation.

4. Cold Steel

This knife brand not only makes blades but also offers many different accessories to the public such as sheaths and pouches. They use high carbon steel which is known for being strong and durable.

5. Gerber

This knife brand has a reputation for creating quality knives with excellent designs.

Gerber knives are designed especially for working the outdoors and can be used to cut through tough objects, like wood or meat. The blade on this knife is very sturdy.

6. Victorinox

The main focus of this company is to create multi-purpose knives that can be relied on for many situations.

They offer a variety of products, including Swiss army knives and pocket knives. Both of these products deliver results by using high-quality materials.

Final Words

These are just a few reputable knife brands to consider while looking for a good pocket knife. If you’re planning to put your knife through tough work, then it’s better to purchase a sturdy blade that can deliver results.

If you’re in the market for a knife, you should know that all of these companies have both positive and negative reviews.

However, it is important to read reviews and use this information to make your decision. In addition, a pocket knife can be used for many different times such as camping or hunting. This makes the purchase worth it in the long run.

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