What Material Are Camping Chairs Made Of? [7 Popular Materials]

If you want to get the best experience when you go camping, you need to go with the right equipment. One of the most essential pieces of equipment for your camping expedition is a camping chair. 

You’ll be spending a good amount of time sitting in a camping chair, whether you’re warming up by the fire at night, playing table games with fellow campers, or simply relaxing and taking in your environment.

With a lot of camping chairs on the market, you’ll want to choose a chair that suits your needs and requirements, and one way to do this is to consider the material used in making the chair.

If you’re wondering what materials camping chairs are made of, then read through and discover them for yourself.

What Materials Are Used to Make a Chair?

From the legs to the back and even the entire frame, different materials are used in making camping chairs. 

Generally, the frames of camping chairs are either made from high-quality wood or steel. The best camping chairs have their frames made from aluminum because it delivers great strength compared to their weight.

However, let’s look at other materials used in making camping chairs. You’ll find that a range of materials from plastic, nylon, and metal, to polyester are used in making camping chairs. 

1. Nylon

Nylon used in camping chairs

The seat of some camping chairs is made from nylon materials, which is an excellent material choice for camping because nylon is touch, resistant to water, and hard to tear.

When you’re going camping, a nylon chair is a great choice, especially when there are chances that you’ll experience rainfall. The nylon material is also able to handle the movement and stress it’ll be exposed to as you travel with it.

Nylon is perfect, not only for camping but for other activities that involve outdoor weather elements. Nylon camping chairs are long-lasting and popular, especially in America.

Many nylon camping chairs come with removable padded headrests and padded seats. Some even have cup holders, delivering a perfect camping experience when you sit down to relax on your camping chair.

2. Polyester 

Polyester used in camping chairs

The polyester material is used to make the seats of many camping chairs because of its ability to withstand sun exposure as well as rainfall. 

Polyester is a lightweight material that is colorfast and resistant to stain and water. Due to its UV-resistant nature, many colorful camping chairs are made with polyester materials so that the colors will last for a long time.

Polyester camping chairs are budget-friendly and more affordable than most nylon camping chairs. However, it isn’t often as strong as nylon camping chairs. 

There are many popular models of polyester camping chairs, and many of them have added features like footrests, cup holders, and even carrying bags.

If you like a colorful camping chair that can stand both sunshine and rainfall and still look beautiful for a long time while staying within your budget, then the polyester camping chair is for you.

3. Polycanvas 

camping chairs made of Polycanvas

As the name implies, poly canvas material is a combination of polyester and canvas to create a hybrid material that is durable and lightweight.

Polycanvas camping chairs are a perfect definition of the best of two worlds. The heavy-duty nature of canvas and the lightweight nature of polyester creates a camping chair that is durable, waterproof, and easy to carry around.

Polycanvas camping chairs are highly affordable, making them a great choice for campers on a budget, or people who don’t want to splurge on a camping chair that they won’t be using often.

4. Oxford Cloth

Oxford Cloth Used in making camping chairs

Oxford cloth material is a slightly-heavy, high-density material used to make some camping chairs. The fabric is thick, making it durable, strong, and not prone to damage.

Oxford fabric also has great insulating properties, which makes it perfect for winter camping. It can keep a camper warm by trapping a lot of air; although the thicker it is, the more air it can trap.

Despite their fine textures, camping chairs made from oxford cloth can be quite heavy, so ensure that you have a convenient way of moving them around when you go camping.

5. Aluminum

Aluminum camping chairs

Aluminum material is one of the most common metal materials used in making camping chairs.

Aluminum chairs are either made entirely with aluminum and covered with a mesh or cloth for seating or combined with other materials.

Aluminum camping chairs are great for camping, as they are lightweight, durable, and firm enough to hold the camper’s weight.

6. Mesh

Mesh Camping Chairs

Most of the newest camping chairs introduced in the market are made from mesh, probably because it is a more affordable alternative to plastic, metal, and padded chairs.

Mesh fabric is made from connected strands that are gotten from metals, fibers, and other flexible materials. 

Mesh is a web-like net that is flexible, strong, and highly durable. Mesh also has a breathable design that is great for camping in the heat because it keeps the camper cool.

Mesh camping chairs always have a metallic frame that improves their sturdiness.

7. Plastic 

Camping Chairs made of Plastic

If there is anything plastic chairs have going for them, it is the fact that they are lightweight and easy to move about, and also very easy to clean.

Most popular camping chairs are foldable and made of sturdy, metal frames. However, they are not the most comfortable camping chairs out there.

The average plastic camping chair isn’t comfortable to sit on for a long, making it a bad choice if you’re going to be sitting for a long time.

Without any added padding for extra comfort, plastic camping chairs are down low on the list of camping chairs people love.

However, you’ll find vinyl and fabric padded plastic chairs in the market, delivering additional softness for comfort.

Final Words:

Camping chairs are made from different materials, all of which have their unique advantages and features, whether UV resistance, water resistance, improved comfort, or even affordability. 

When going camping, your location, activities, and level of comfort can help you decide which camping chair material is best for you. Your budget can also play an important role in helping you decide. 

Whatever the case may be, always consider the advantages and disadvantages of the materials, as well as product reviews before shopping for a camping chair. 

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