How To Keep Camping Cooler Cold [7 Important Tips]

The summer is in full swing and you are looking for a camping spot. You decide to head out to your favorite campsite with friends and the weather is perfect until you get there.

The campsite does not have any shade, which leaves the air feeling very hot and humid. What can you do to keep your food cool in your cooler?

Best Way to Keep Cooler Cold Camping [7 Tips]

If you want to keep things cool in your cooler, you are going to need to add something cold inside.

1. Ice

You can buy bags of ice and use them to keep the contents of your cooler cold. The problem is that the ice can melt very quickly, especially if you are not taking steps to keep it cool.

2. Freeze Everything

Another option for keeping things cold in your cooler is to freeze everything in the cooler that you are going to store before leaving for the campsite. You can also freeze water bottles or other items that you want cold.

3. Frozen Water Bottles

Freeze water bottles in your freezer. Once frozen, you can put them in your cooler with the food that you want to eat at another time.

This has the benefit of keeping things cold without using ice. The downside is that frozen water bottles can be very hard and will not stay cold for long if exposed to warm temperatures.

4. Freeze-Dried Ice Packs

This method for keeping colder is similar to the water bottle method. The only difference is that you put ice packs inside of a zip lock bag.

You will need to buy these special ice packs ahead of time and freeze them. You can put them inside of the cooler with everything else that you are putting in the cooler. This is another way to keep your food cold without using ice, which runs the risk of melting.

5. Safe Temperatures For Your Cooler

The best temperature rating for your cooler is between 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit. You want your cooler to be cold enough that the contents keep cold but not so cold that they freeze solid.

In order to check whether your cooler is properly maintained, you will need to use a thermometer. A good thermometer will cost around $10.00 and will give you accurate readings of the temperature inside of the cooler.

Use a thermometer to check whether your cooler is cold enough. You want the thermometer to be on a level with the food when you take the reading. This will give you a more complete reading of the overall temperature of your cooler.

That’s All There Is To It!

In conclusion, if you are going to be camping, you should always make sure that you bring plenty of food with you. That food should be stored in a cooler that keeps the temperature at a constant cool temperature.

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