Best Golf Cart Friendly Campgrounds in Ohio & Conditions

Golf carts offer you a comfortable way to get around a campground whether you’re alone or with a company, or you’re carrying some items around with you.

Whether the gas-powered or electric-powered options, you can get around your campground comfortably. However, some campgrounds are golf cart friendly while some others are not.

If you’re going camping in Ohio sometime soon and you’ll love to go around in a golf cart, this post will introduce you to campgrounds in Ohio that allow golf carts.

List Of Top 6 Golf Cart-Friendly Campgrounds in Ohio

The campgrounds in the list below have either answered positively to FAQs about golf carts or have mentioned golf cart friendliness on their website. 

Whatever the case might be, it helps to send in an inquiry message before you visit these campgrounds or book online because rules and policies can change or be suspended. You wouldn’t want to get there, only to realize that some change has been made.

Here’s a list of top 6 golf calf-friendly campsites in Ohio 

  1. Adventure Bound Campground
  2. Clay’s Park 
  3. Huggy Bear Campground
  4. South Bass Island State Park
  5. Walnut Creek Campground & Resort
  6. Whispering Hills Jellystone Park

1. Adventure Bound Campground

You can reserve gold carts in Adventure Bound Campground

This is part of a chain of campgrounds with the one in Ohio located in Van Buren.

Adventure bound campground is located near Van Buren State Park and has a lot of attractions, such as playgrounds swimming pools, mini golf, jumping pillows, a game room, and fishing.

There are miles of trails for walking and golf carts, a dog park, and places to keep horses.

The campground offers golf cart rentals, but you’ll need to confirm whether you can bring a cart from home as there are many carts on the campground already.

You can reserve gold carts just as you can reserve indoor rooms and outdoor pavilions. New campers also get a special deal, which can be as much as 25% of the total fee.

2. Clay’s Park 

Golf carts in Clay’s Park

Located in N. Lawrence, Ohio, Clay’s Park is a campground and waterpark that features a lot of interesting amenities and events, including a water park playground, basketball, miniature golf, volleyball, a swimming lake, water slides, and a live concert stage.

The campsite has a limit of 8 people per site, supports RVs and one tent, and has a two-night minimum standard on all campsites. Tents are not allowed in the cabins and cottages, and pets are only allowed to be on pet-friendly campgrounds.

RV camping sites range between $55 and $105 a night, depending on the type of pull-thru, the size of the camp, the camping season, and the availability of electricity, water, and sewer are offered.

Also, the price varies depending on the size of the site and the day of the week or holiday. Seasonal camping is also available

Personal golf carts, hoverboards, scoots, and other motorized vehicles aren’t allowed, but the campground offers golf cart rentals that allow you to access and go about the campground easily. 

3. Huggy Bear Campground

Golf carts are available for rentals at Huggy Bear Campground

Located in Middle Point, Ohio, Huggy Bear campground is a fun camping destination with a lot of features and activities lined up for campers.

At Huggy Bear Campground, campers can enjoy a pond for swimming or fishing, a swimming pool, a sports field, mini golf, playgrounds, golf cart rails, and a concert stage.

Golf carts are available for rentals at the campground, and you can bring yours as well, but you need to have a driver’s license and be at least 16 years old to drive golf carts on the campground.

Golf carts and other vehicles have a speed limit of 5mph and riders must always be seated while using the golf cart.

Rentals range between $35 and $40 a night, depending on the amenities you are renting.

Reservations on this campground can be made up to a year in advance with 100% payment to be made when booking.

4. South Bass Island State Park

Golf carts are allowed in South Bass Island State Park

Located in Put-in-Bay, the South Bass Island State Park has 11 full-service and 120 non-electric campsites equipped to accommodate all unique camper’s needs.

The State Park sits about 2.1 miles away from the downtown area where you find the Put-in-Bay Restaurants and Nightlife.

This State Park has a playground for kids, sheltered picnic tables, small boats, jet skis, and other watercraft rentals. You’ll find a small restaurant where you can get snacks like ice cream, sandwiches, and soft drinks.

Golf carts are not only allowed but they are also driven around the island like cars. You are advised to reserve a golf cart equipped with head and tail lights, and seat belts online at Put-in-Bay Golf Carts.

It is important to note that golf carts are considered to be licensed motor vehicles, so you need a license to drive one.

5. Walnut Creek Campground & Resort

golf carts in Walnut Creek Campground & Resort

Located in Chillicothe, Southern Ohio, Walnut Creek Campground & Resort is home to a lot of campground adventures for campers. With more than 110 acres of creeks, rolling hills, and wildlife, there’s a lot to explore and enjoy.

Walnut creek also provides spacious lots for RV and tent campers, ensuring that every camping group has enough space to themselves and isn’t jam-packed.

You’ll find different sports fields at Walnut creek, including corn hole and basketball courts. There are large swimming pools, paddle boats, row boats, and a spring-fed lake for you to explore with free rentals.

You’ll also find amazing golf cart trails at Walnut Creek that would beat all other campgrounds in the United States hands down.

You can come with your golf cart or rent one at the facility to explore the fun golf cart trails. The campground also rents golf carts for use within the facility but you cannot drive them on the wooded trails.

6. Whispering Hills Jellystone Park

Golf cart rentals are available in Whispering Hills Jellystone Park

Located in Holmes County, Ohio, Whispering Hills Jellystone Park is 220 acres of a campground that’s set for RV and cabin camping. It has 6 rustic cabins, 13 full-service cabins, and more than 200 RV sites, making it perfect for all camping needs.

At this family-friendly park, you can explore facilities like showers and restrooms, a heated outdoor pool, a fully stocked camp store, an outdoor movie theatre, a concession stand, a community fire pit, and a large recreation building 

Golf cart rentals are available, and you can play mini golf in the park. You’ll need to find out whether you can bring your gold cart while making your reservations.

Final Words:

These are some of the campgrounds in Ohio where you can comfortably move around in gold carts; whether you bring them from home or you rent them at your destination.

Remember to confirm all details and reserve a golf cart in advance if such service is available, to avoid finding out that golf carts are not available, especially when you visit during camping season.

It is also important to find out whether or not you’ll need a license to drive a golf cart, as well as the recommended age. Some campgrounds don’t have it expressly stated, so you’ll need to send inquiry messages to that effect.

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