What Do Flamingos and Pineapples Mean When Camping?

If you have been seeing a lot of flamingos around you in recent times, you might have also heard some tales about what these creatures depict. 

Campers have traded tales and legends about flamingos for the longest time, as well as the hidden meaning they seem to hold for some campers.

Interestingly, pineapples have also been dragged into this interesting conversation alongside flamingoes.

If you belong to a camping or RV group on social media, you must have heard that displaying adorable flamingoes could open you up to some form of sexual inquiries that you have no idea about.

Yes, I’m talking about the interesting relationship drawn between flamingoes, pineapples, and swingers.

Is it a fact? Can you conclude that flamingoes and pineapples are a call sign for swingers? Do you really want to have flamingoes on your RV or campsite? 

Let’s find out.

What Do Flamingos and Pineapples Mean at A Campsite?

You probably never thought that you would be having flamingoes and pineapples in the same sentence, but you add swingers and we have three words that shouldn’t ordinarily be together, right?

However, where camping is concerned, pineapples and flamingoes have been given quite a number of meanings.

One notable meaning that has been associated with flamingoes and pineapples is that having flamingoes and pineapples outside your campsite implies that you’re a swinger.

It is said that when you place a pineapple or a pineapple symbol in front of your camping tent or lodge, you are inviting other people who are camping with you to a swinger party.

On the other hand, if you have a pineapple turned upside down, then you’re seeking to be invited to a swinger party.

However, the topic of flamingoes and pineapples is still very much debated, and will most likely continue to be. Just as much as there are people who believe this assumption, there are many others who don’t.

These people also hold to other meanings associated with flamingoes and pineapples, such as a symbol of welcome and an extension of an invitation to visit.

We’ll explore those meanings as we go on.

What Do Flamingos and Pineapples Mean in The RV Community?

Flamingos and pineapples also have several potential interpretations and meanings in the RV community.

First, it can be seen as a code for swingers and a sign of swinging going on within that RV.

flamingos and pineapples mean as a code for swingers and a sign of swinging going on within that RV

Holding onto its sexual connotations, pink flamingos can be interpreted to mean that an RV camper is into the swinging lifestyle. But that’s not all the interpretation that exists in the RV community.

Another common interpretation of flamingoes in the RV community is a sign that someone is celebrating a birthday.

Another common interpretation of flamingoes in the RV community is a sign that someone is celebrating a birthday

Some people import the tradition of placing flamingos in their yard during their birthdays and other celebration and take this to their RV camps as well when they’re celebrating something.

Beyond birthday celebrations, an interesting link has been made between RVs and air conditioners.

It is said that flamingos became popularly associated with RVs in the early days of air conditioning. Not many RV owners had air conditioning, and as such, they couldn’t drive to Florida due to excessive heat.

However, people who got air conditioning on their RVs began going to Florida for their camping and vacation expeditions.

Due to the associations between flamingoes and Florida, these people would show off the fact that they had installed Air conditioning and visited Florida by displaying pink flamingos on their RV.

Although it is hard to verify this tale, it is important to mention it because many RV owners still display the flamingo direction without being swingers; so, some other meaning just makes sense.

Finally, for many RV campers, pink flamingos or pineapples are just fun decorations that they love and chose to take with them on their RV trips.

Other Meanings Associated with Flamingoes and Pineapples in Camping

Whether you’re at a campground, in an RV, or even in your home, there will always be people who look at your pineapple shirt, flat, or foot mat and assume that you might be into swinging. 

Some swingers might even approach you and ask you whether you’re in for a party. It might be confusing if you haven’t heard of it before. But now that you know, you can respond to them appropriately and even tell them the story I’m about to share with you.

Pineapples and welcomes 

Going back to the days of sailors and vessels, pineapples were seen as a welcome sign or symbol.

When a ship returns to port, a pineapple is placed under the Captain’s door threshold to let people know the captain is back and people can visit.

People have followed that tradition to show that guests are welcome, either to their homes, RVs, or camps; but in this case, nothing sexual is involved. 

Well, it helps to know when you’re placing those pineapples that represent welcoming and hospitality, either on your porch or anywhere else, remember that some people might see it as an invitation for a swinger party.

Flamingoes and getting flocked

Flamingoes are also known to be a part of the pranking culture in many larger communities. 

People would place a lot of flamingoes on another person’s lawn as part of a joke, telling them that they have been ‘flocked.’

Sometimes, some organizations, especially charitable ones will ‘flock’ your lawn with flamingoes and leave you with a sign asking you to make a donation to get the flamingoes off your lawn.

In the end, pineapples and flamingoes can be anything, from fancy decorations to fun pieces, and of course, signs between swingers and those searching for swinging parties.

Final Words:

Pineapples and flamingos don’t always mean that a campsite, campers, and RVers are swingers. It could also mean that they simply like pineapples and flamingos. 

People who practice the swinging lifestyle have several ways with which they connect, especially via several social media platforms.

That’s not to say you would never find someone who places pineapples and/or flamingoes on their porch intending to call out to swingers.

However, be careful before you assume that a person with flamingoes and pineapples is calling for swingers, especially if you’re interested in swinging.

In the end, if you’re going camping or traveling with an RV, remind yourself that they could be interpreted differently by different people before you put out those flamingo and pineapple decorations. Still, feel free to do whatever makes you happy.

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