Top 5 Golf Cart Friendly Campgrounds in Florida [Rules & Guidelines]

Golf Cart Friendly Campgrounds in Florida

Different camping lovers have different things they love about camping expeditions. They also have facilities that make camping enjoyable. From hiking trails to bike rides and golf carts, there’s always a catch that makes a camping site more attractive to some people. If you love having a golf cart with you when you go camping, … Read more

Best Golf Cart Friendly Campgrounds in Ohio & Conditions

Golf cart-friendly campgrounds in Ohio

Golf carts offer you a comfortable way to get around a campground whether you’re alone or with a company, or you’re carrying some items around with you. Whether the gas-powered or electric-powered options, you can get around your campground comfortably. However, some campgrounds are golf cart friendly while some others are not. If you’re going … Read more

Why are Trekking Poles Expensive? How Much Should You Spend?

Why are Trekking Poles expensive? How much should you spend on trekking poles

Whether heading for a quick weekend trek or planning to go hiking across the country, trekking poles can add a significant level of comfort and stability to your trek. Although trekking poles are not strictly essential, people choose to take them because of their numerous benefits. The major benefit of using trekking poles is that … Read more

Yurt Camping – A Complete Guide | Are Yurts Better Than Tents?

Yurt Camping - a complete guide

Hanging out outdoors is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea; thanks to the growing popularity of yurt tents, more and more people can now enjoy the wilderness without compromising on their comfort. Yurt camping is a step up from regular tents because it offers more room and better amenities. The beauty of choosing a yurt … Read more

What Do Flamingos and Pineapples Mean When Camping?

What do flamingos and pineapples mean when camping

If you have been seeing a lot of flamingos around you in recent times, you might have also heard some tales about what these creatures depict.  Campers have traded tales and legends about flamingos for the longest time, as well as the hidden meaning they seem to hold for some campers. Interestingly, pineapples have also … Read more

What To Wear To A Camping Wedding At A Campground? How To Decide?

What to wear to a camping wedding?

Campground weddings are becoming more popular as we have more camp lovers choosing to have their ceremonies on different campgrounds, especially in the summer.  If you have been invited to a campground wedding, you might be wondering what to wear. After all, although a campground is technically the outdoors, it isn’t the same as a … Read more