Can You Take Camping Chairs on A Plane? What Type of Camping Chairs Allowed?

A vacation can be quite exciting. Whether you’re spending a few days or a few weeks; whether you’re going overseas or heading to the next city, it is always a thrill to visit beautiful places and camp there.

However, there can be a litter dampener to the excitement of a new trip when you realize that you’re going to be flying and you’d have to leave many things behind.

When you’re not able to fly with some of your camping gear, you’ll have to buy new ones at your destination, which can be a waste of money if you already have everything you need at home. 


If the thought of traveling on the plan with your camping chair has ever crossed your mind, the responding thought might be a doubt as to whether or not you can do that.

With several airline rules and restrictions, you might wonder ‘Can I take camping chairs on a plane?’ 

The answer to your question is Yes. However, there are many sides to it, which is what we’ll be talking about in the following paragraphs.

Let’s find out all you need to know about taking camping chairs on a plane, including any restrictions and requirements you should know about before your trip.

Which Airlines Allow Camping Chairs?

So far, no known airline rejects camping chairs. 

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) doesn’t prohibit camping chairs. In fact, the TSA doesn’t have any specific guidelines on carrying camping chairs on a plane.

The absence of any specific instructions on camping chairs makes some travelers worry that they might be turned back if they visit the airport with a camping chair. 

However, you have nothing to worry about, provided your camping chair doesn’t exceed the size that is allowed on the plane; whether as a carry-on or check-in luggage. 

Thankfully, many camping chairs are lightweight and can even be folded for easy carriage, making it easy for you to get them on the plane.

You have nothing to worry about when going through airport security screening with a camping chair. However, if you’re still not certain if your camping chair can be taken on a plane, let’s throw more light on that in the next section.

How To Check If You Can Take Camping Chairs on A Plane?

As we stated earlier, there are no specific mentions of camping chairs by the TSA, so the website will not provide you with information on that.

Therefore, the best way to be doubly sure is to check and follow the size limit for baggage on the airline you’re going to be traveling with.

As far as carry-ons are concerned, most airlines have a limit of one carry-on bag that does not exceed 9 inches in height, 14 inches in width, and 22 inches in length.

If your camping chair falls within these parameters, then you can carry it on the plane with you at no cost. (That depends on whether or not you have another carry-on bag, in which case you have to fly with one as checked baggage.)

For checked baggage, most airlines have the same, or a similar size limit of 62 inches after combining all the dimensions like height, length, and width. You might have to pay additional charges if you exceed the size limit.

As for the weight of your camping chair, many airlines have varying weight restrictions, depending on whether you’re flying economy, business class, or first class.

The maximum weight for each checked baggage, if you’re flying Economy class, is 23kg/50 lbs. First and Business classes have a weight limit of 32kg/70lbs.

If your camping chair exceeds these weight limits, you might need to pay additional charges depending on the airline you’re using and your class of tickets.

However, the best thing to do is to buy a camping chair that falls within these parameters, as you will find many either online or at your favorite camping store.

It is important to mention at this point that your camping chair’s dimensions will be measured after packing and not before.

So, before you abandon that camping chair with dimensions that are above 62 inches when fully extended, fold them up and then measure the dimensions. They will most likely fall within the size requirements.

In worst-case scenarios where your camping chair does exceed the dimensions but only by a little, reach out to the airline in advance and find out what they suggest.

You can send a picture of your camping chair and its dimensions. They will let you know whether there is enough space in the cargo hold to take it. And if there is, your camping chair might also be subject to an additional charge for exceeding the limit.

What Type of Camping Chairs Are Allowed on A Plane?

You can carry any type of camping chair on a plane, provided it falls within the carry-on or check-in size for the airline you’re using.

There is no restriction on the type of camping chair you can bring on a plane. The only restrictions that exist are those that have to do with the size and weight of the chair. 

So, you can bring all types of camping chairs and folding chairs on an airplane.

How To Pack Camping Chairs for An Airplane?

Now that we’ve gotten all the information down about the size and weight requirements for camping chairs, another important consideration is how to pack your chairs properly for an airplane.

You can’t just throw it in like you would if you’re traveling with a truck. So, how do you pack?

How to pack camping chairs for an airplane?

There’s no special skill required for packing your camping chair. Once you fold it, the next thing is to consider what kind of bag will contain the chair comfortably.

You also need to consider whether you’re traveling with one camping chair or several, as well as the weight of the chair(s).

If your camping chair is compact and lightweight, a suitcase might be the perfect carrier for it. This also means that you might be able to take it as a carry-on.

However, if your camping chair is on the large and heavy side, a duffel bag or an extra-large suitcase will suffice.

If you’re traveling with more than one camping chair, it is best to still try fitting them into a single large bag because of the restrictions on the number of carrying–on and checked bags. That way, you avoid paying the extra charges that go with multiple bags. 

On a rare occasion where you’re traveling with many camping chairs, packing them in groups of twos and threes is the best course, provided the duffel bag or suitcase meets the weight and size of checked luggage.

Final Words

The summary of all the facts above is that you can take your camping chairs on the plane. There are no restrictions on the types of camping chairs you carry with you on a flight. However, you must remember the size restrictions for both carry-on and checked luggage.

The smaller your camping chair, the easier you’ll find it flying with it, and also the more likely you are to avoid additional airline fees.

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