Camping Gear You Can’t Live Without

For experienced campers, there’s always some camping gear that they cannot live without. Like these!


Camping Gear You Can’t Live Without

We’ll start with the most important one:

A good tent. Yes, the tent is number one on my list because you’re going to be living inside of it for a while. You want something that’s spacious enough for all of your gear and tall enough that you can stand up in, but not so ungainly heavy that it’s impossible to set up.

I also recommend a sleeping pad for when the ground is rough or uneven; some good pillows; an air mattress – if you can afford one- which might not seem like a luxury, but after sleeping on sharp rocks during many camping trips I promise it will make your trip more pleasant; some mosquito netting or repellent to keep off unwanted bugs, and a sleeping bag to keep you warm at night.

Other Essential Camping Gears

Some items that are probably lower on the list (but still important) include a camp stove good strong nylon ropes and duct tape (for when you make mistakes as I did). You’ll also need some plates, cups, bowls, and utensils for meals and some sort of lantern or portable light source.

Some other camping gear you can’t live without is a good first aid kit (which should include anti-bacterial wipes, bandages, bug bites, etc.); a knife (a Swiss Army knife is the classic choice) in case you need to cut something; some good water bottles (make sure they’re BPA free and don’t have any paint on them); toilet paper; hand sanitizer; sunscreen; and glasses that can be easily cleaned.

One other important item is possibly a GPS or smartphone. Not only will GPS be handy if you get lost (or if you want to find your way back, or just need to know how long it’ll take between points), a smartphone can help with the latest weather reports, to contact other campers for help, to post pictures of your trip on social media and even make plans for later.

A fire extinguisher is also a must-have at all times. Many places allow campfires that can be a danger to the forest or other campers; as well as putting you in danger. You don’t want to be the one stuck trying to put out a raging fire!

A backup battery for your smartphone can also be very useful when you’re camping and need to charge your phone but are nowhere near a power source.

A camera or camcorder is perfect for taking memorable photos of the beauty of nature, the fun you have laughing around the campfire, and of course, posting them to social media so that everyone can see your adventure.

Of course, there will always be things that you don’t need but wish you did! These include a shovel; a chainsaw; a machete; and a knife with a leather sheath.

Final Words

Camping is a great way to get out from the stress and busy life of city life. It’s very relaxing. Whether you’re camping in an urban area, by a river or lake, in the mountains, desert, etc., you can relax and enjoy nature and the fresh air!

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