Camping Axe VS Knife: Which Is the Better Companion?

If you’re going camping, there are a few things you might want to bring. You can’t go without a sleeping bag or tent, but an axe for cutting firewood is another must-have. That’s where the question of camping axe vs knife comes in.

Camping Axe VS Knife [Key Differences]

1. Size

While a camping knife is small, compact and easily fits your pocket, an axe is basically the opposite. A camping axe has to be almost as tall as you are, which makes it quite unwieldy and cumbersome to carry around.

It’s not like you can put it in your back pocket or shoulder bag either. The point here is that an axe won’t be of much use if you’re going on a backpacking trip or something similar. It’s not something you can easily carry around.

2. Purpose

Because of its size, an axe won’t be of much use for any kind of precision task. You won’t be able to trim your beard or cut sandwiches in two with an axe.

An axe is just too big for these kinds of tasks. Instead, the heavy, blunt and sturdy blade is meant for chopping through wood, not delicate cuts.

A camping knife, on the other hand, is designed for precision work. It has a sharp blade that’s perfect for detailed tasks such as cutting thick ropes, splicing wood together or trimming your beard.

3. Cutting Power

A camping axe needs to be heavy in order to perform. It’s what helps to chop through logs and branches with ease. If you’re going on a backpacking trip or something similar, this is actually less of an issue because chopping through wood isn’t the purpose anyway.

You can get a lighter axe if you’re just looking to cut firewood. It doesn’t have to be heavy, just sturdy.

4. Weight

A camping knife is quite small, but nevertheless, it’s still quite heavy. It weighs around 1.8 oz or 7 grams in total. That means you’ll need to bring it along wherever you go just so you can cut the occasional stick of wood with it.

A camping axe, on the other hand, weighs around 5 pounds or 2.3 kg. You don’t need to bring along a heavy axe to go camping.

In fact, if you have a lot of stuff to carry on a backpacking trip, you might want to leave the axe at home altogether because it’s too big and unwieldy to bring around with you.

5. Durability

As mentioned earlier, an axe needs to be heavy in order to perform effectively. A camping axe needs to be sturdy. It needs to be able to cut through wood effortlessly and powerfully.

While a camping knife is lighter, smaller and doesn’t need to be as sturdy, it still has some durability issues. For one, its blade will bend during tough use (like chopping wood) unless it’s made from high-quality steel.

A camping axe is made from very heavy-duty steel that can take a lot of abuse and still perform effectively.

Pros and Cons of Camping Axe

Pros of Camping Axe

A camping axe is extremely useful in the wild. It can clear a path with ease as well as cut down branches for your fire kindling. It also makes an excellent tool to knock over rocks or thin branches when collecting wood.

A camping axe also works well for chopping small trees which you might find lying around your camp.

Cons Of Camping Axe

A camping axe is heavy and hard to carry around in a backpack like other tools and equipment. It might also be a bit dangerous to use, since it can leave a sharp edge on the weapon.

The axe is also illegal to use in most states and countries, so you have to watch out for the law when you carry it.

Pros and Cons of Camping Knife

Pros Of A Camping Knife

A camping knife is normally lighter than a camping axe and easier to carry around. It can be used for various purposes in your camp, like cutting up fruit or even as a cooking tool.

A camping knife is also legal in most countries and states. It is less dangerous to carry around than an axe as well.

Cons Of A Camping Knife

A camping knife does not have the cutting power of a camping axe. As long as your blade doesn’t dull and you don’t put too much weight on it, it will do the trick but you’ll still need to be careful while using it.

On the other hand, this does make the knife safer to use in many ways and you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself on it.

Which Is Better? Camping Axe of Camping Knife?

So which is better for your camp expedition? As we’ve noted above, you need both.

A camping knife is a great companion to have since it is lighter and easier to carry around.

A camping axe is a classic though and should be part of your arsenal if you’re truly going camping.

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