How Old Do You Have to Be to Do Abseiling? Is There a Weight Limit?

How old do you have to be to do abseiling? Is there a weight limit for Abseiling?

Abseiling is a fun activity for all ages and groups of people. It is one sporting activity that a group of friends or even the entire family can take part in. The benefits of abseiling include improved self-esteem, better endurance and strength, improved decision-making skills, and overall enjoyment. If you want to enjoy this fun … Read more

Where To Practice Rappelling? [Places Outside & at Home]

Where to practice rappelling banner?

Many people see rappelling as an easy sport, so they don’t consider it necessary to engage in any practice before they actually go rappelling for the first time. However, rappelling is considered one of the most dangerous activities and one that is responsible for a good number of accidents owing to human errors, equipment faults, … Read more

Why Is Abseiling So Dangerous? [Useful Rappelling Safety Tips]

Why is rappelling so dangerous?

Rappelling is an interesting sport, but don’t be mistaken; it has also one of the most dangerous sports out there. If something were to go wrong, accidents that occur from rappelling can be life-threatening so you must be very careful when engaging in the activity. You might be wondering ‘what is so dangerous about rappelling?’ … Read more

Why are Trekking Poles Expensive? How Much Should You Spend?

Why are Trekking Poles expensive? How much should you spend on trekking poles

Whether heading for a quick weekend trek or planning to go hiking across the country, trekking poles can add a significant level of comfort and stability to your trek. Although trekking poles are not strictly essential, people choose to take them because of their numerous benefits. The major benefit of using trekking poles is that … Read more

Yurt Camping – A Complete Guide | Are Yurts Better Than Tents?

Yurt Camping - a complete guide

Hanging out outdoors is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea; thanks to the growing popularity of yurt tents, more and more people can now enjoy the wilderness without compromising on their comfort. Yurt camping is a step up from regular tents because it offers more room and better amenities. The beauty of choosing a yurt … Read more